Drive safety technology in a new dimension

In the business field Drive Solutions Dorninger Hytronics manufactures innovative and unique products for drive safety trainings. Dorninger Hytronics Drive safety technology you encounter from the Motorspeedway in Silverstone to the race track in Abu Dhabi.  A complete reference list see below in our download area.   


The philosophy behind

In Austria since 2003 it has been law that beginners have to do a training on their driving abilities. So the number of young accident–victims in road traffic could be reduced traceably.

Also experienced car and truck drivers should audit their practical skills in extreme situations from time to time. To realise critical situations and being able to react in the right way are abilities which cannot be learnt theoretically.

Only from own experience drivers know which moments are dangerous. Through practice the right behaviour in dangerous situations can be learnt and can save life.