Technological masterpiece - Kick Plate CAR SP

With the kick plate CAR SP the dislocation of the vehicle rear is simulated. The driver can train safely the dangerous situation of a skidding vehicle in a riskless environment.


The vehicle is accelerated to a speed from 25 and 65 km/hour (15 to 40 miles/hour). Approaching the hydraulic plate contact pads are crossed. The kick operation is timed exactly to the millisecond, calculated from the exact determined vehicle speed and axle distance. During the use of the kick plate it dislocates 70 cm, so that the rear swerves and the vehicle skids.

As to the level of driving skills the CAR SP can be set to a kick intensity from 0 to 100 percent. This provides ideal training-conditions for beginners as well for pros.


Benefits CAR SP

The hydraulic plate CAR SP from Dorninger Hytronics is technically mature and convinces with first class quality components and with reliable service.

  • innovative, reliable  complete–solution 
  • concise and failure–free
  • simple, comfortable to operate
  • integrated security logics
  • permanent winter activity possible
  • flooding secure construction
  • long durability, despite heavy operational demands
  • high–quality components of Parker and B&R
  • remote maintainance module via Internet


Download Flyer Kick Plate CARSP21