New technical highlight - Kick Plate BIKE SP

With the profound know-how in the design engineering and worldwide implementation of passenger car and truck kick plates, the Drive Solutions technicians have gone about the engineering of a motorcycle skid plate. The safeness of the motorcyclist was always in mind of the engineeres during the development process and special precausions were taken to meet this requirement. Thanks to years of experience ini driving safety technology, it was possible to establish this new technical showpiece for driving safety courses.





Trainings with the BIKE SP are possible in a speed range between 25 and 65 km/h. Very important is the instructors valuation of the individual driver skill, and the therefore chosen kick intensity of the BIKE SP. Good command of the own motorcycle and a certain driving experience are prerequisite for this training. Crossing the moving plate in the ground, the driver can train how to react in dangerous situations.  


Benefits of the new BIKE SP


  • innovative, reliable complete-solution
  • comfortable to operate
  • integrated security logics
  • permanent winter activity possible
  • flooding secure construction
  • long durability despite heavy operational demands
  • high-quality components of Parker und B&R
  • maintainance module via Internet