Patented novelty world-wide! Mechanical Obstacle MH

The sudden appearing of an obstacle on the road or at the roadside is simulated with the opening of MHs swing-flanks. The driver of a passenger car, a lorry or a two-wheeler is confronted with an unexpected obstruction of traffic and is learning that way how to react correctly and to adjust the speed according to the roads condition.



The vehicle drives with an optional velocity on the proving ground. Thereby induction loops in the ground are crossed. Through this contact the Mechanical Obstacle MH opens its flanks computer controlled. The distance from the obstacle to the vehicle is always the same independently to the speed.

Now the driver has to react and has to drive round the obstacle or has to do an emergency brake to stop the vehicle in front of the obstacle. If the driver cannot stop in time or the change-manoeuvre fails, the swing-flanks automatically sway back into the road surface to avoid damages on the vehicle and on the Mechanical Obstacle.


Your benefits in short:

The patented world–novelty MH of Dorninger Hytronics convinces on all test tracks with:

  • innovative and reliable function
  • simulation of a compact, physical obstacle
  • simple, automatic handling
  • permanent winter activity possible
  • extremely low operating costs, through most modern drive technology
  • required space low
  • easy retrofit on each training centre (only electricity needed)
  • Optional: Drive Vision as the perfect motivation for driver trainings