Popstacle - best attention to avoid anything happens

Low obstacles are particularly dangerous in traffic. Small animals and objects lying on the road are often difficult to see and a particular challenge for the driver. The only half meter high Popstacle is designed to simulate specially this risky situations.


Surprise effect

At the beginning of the training session the obstacle is not visible for the driver. An essential part of trainings with the Popstacle is the surprise effect, when the obstacle suddenly appears. Additionally the popstacle immitates through a wave movement of the single obstacles the way of an animal running across the street. This is an additional challenge for the car driver.


Your benefits in short

  • innovative, pneumatic, reliable function
  • simulation of a small compact obstacle
  • simple automatic handling
  • permanent winter activity possible
  • resistent against rust and corrosion
  • low space required
  • easy retrofit on each training centre


Here you find our current flyer with all technical details