• 2018

Saudi Arabia: Lagoon Motor Park - King Abdullah Economic City

Im Saudi Arabischen Fahrtechnikzentrum am Roten Meer wurden auf der Dynamikfläche eine LKW-Schleuderplatte, Wasserhindernisse und eine Geschwindigkeitsanzeige verbaut. Die Kreibahn wurde mit Mechanischen Hindernissen und Geschwindigkeitsanzeige ausgestattet. Auf der Bergfahrt stehen Wasserhindernisse mit Geschwindigkeitsanzeige zur Verfügung.

  • 2017

Germany: ADAC Südbayern Drive Safety Center - Rosenhof Mintraching

The ADAC Südbayern wants to contribute significantly to traffic safety in the entire East Bavarian region with the new drive safety center near Regensburg. A Kick Plate CAR and a training track with 3 Mechanical Obstacles plus speed measurement are on site. The irrigation system with sprinklers ist electronically controlled.

Czech Republic: Automotodrom - Brno

The Automotodrom in Brno has a long racing history. On four tracks there ist a Kick Plate TRUCK SP with 2 rows of water obstacles. Available are also a circular and a straight track and a hilly route, all equipped with water obstacles, speed measurement and top-modern irrigation. An irrigated drifthandling course completes the offers on site. Irrigation technology and pump station are precisely controlled by Dorninger Hytronics control system.

Poland: RSTC Modlin - Warsaw

In Poland, a top-modern experience center with high-quality drive safety technology is created. The dynamic surface is equipped with a kick plate TRUCK SP.  2 rows of Mechanical Obstacles and water obstacles allow interesting driver trainings. A circle, straight track and a hilly track with obstacles, speed measurement and irrigation are also available for challenging trainings. The entire control for the irrigation technology comes once again from Dorninger Hytronics.

Denmark: SKA Denmark - Copenhagen

The existing center is currently modernized and extended by two further training tracks. 15 Popstacles plus speed measurement and an irrigated curve-track are now offered for addidional training possibilities.

  • 2016

China: Porsche Experience Center - Shanghai

In China Porsche upgrades its Experience Center with high-quality drive safety technology. The dynamic area was equipped with a CAR SP Kick plate. 2 rows Mechanical Obstacles, Irrigation and a mobile speed display is on site. 

Germany: ADAC Center Ingolstat/Bergheim - Bavaria

On an 21.5 hectare area and 10 hectares covered by asphalt training participants find a professional training area with one  Kick Plate CAR SP, 3 Mechanical Obstacles MH, Irrigation with Sprinklers und 2 rows water obstacles –  can easily be operated by WIFI

USA: Porsche Center Carson Los Angeles - California

Besides Atlanta Porsche USA trusts also in California in Drive Safety Technology from Austria. Available are a Kick plate, 2 rows Mechanical Obstacles, Ice Hill with MH, speed time measurement with Drive Vision, irrigation.

  •   2015

Slowenien: Blagomix Varnja Voznja - Logatec

A kick plate CAR SP, 3 Mechanical Obstacles and the electrical equipment for the irrigation and water obstacles has been offered since 2015 in Logatec.

France: Porsche Driving Experience Center - Le Mans

A Kick Plate CAR SP, 4 Mechanical Obstacles MH, 1 Drive Vision DV and the electrical equipment for irrigation and pump station for two training tracks are set up by Dorninger Hytronics.

Azerbaijan: RSTC BBC - Baku

Perfect training facilities are offered: a Kick Plate TRUCK SP, 4 Mechanical Obstacles and 4 Drive Visions plus the electrical equipment for 4 training tracks including irrigation systems and pump stations.


  • 2014

Germany: Car-Pro Akademie - Görlitz

The training track scores with a Kick Plate TRUCK SP and a speed measuring system Drive Vision.

USA: Porsche Experience Centre - Atlanta

Equipped with a Kick Plate CAR SP, 2 Mechanical Obstacles and Drive Vision Speed and Leap time management, offers the location in Atlanta excellent training possibilites. 

Korea: BMW Driving Centre – Yeongjongdo/Incheon

One Kick Plate CAR SP, one Drive Vision und water obstacles on two tracks for the first driving centre in Asia come from Unterweitersdorf.


  • 2013

Austria: DriveZone/EasyDrivers - Perg

Ideal training facilites for driver beginners offers the Drive Zone driving school in Perg: A Kick Plate CAR SP, 5 Mechanical Obstacles MH, and two Drive Visions, also the irrigation control is set up by Dorninger Hytronics.


Switzerland: safety driving event centre - Seelisberg

The top-new-development of Dorninger Hytronics a BIKE SP, kick plate for biker trainings, is used successfully for the first time. Two Drive Vision, irrigation control, 3 Mechanical Obstacles MH, and a Kick Plate TRUCK SP guarantee challanging driver trainings in Seelisberg

Germany: Audi Driving Experience Centre - Neuburg

The Audi Driving Experience Centre trusts in irrigation control and set up in Dorninger Hytronics experience and excellent expertise.


  •  2012


Poland: Test and Training Bednary

The first polish drive safety centre offers a kick plate, mechanical obstacles, irrigation and Drive Vision by Dorninger Hytronics.

Germany: ADAC Schleswig Holstein - Kiel Bocksee

Entire control system for kick plate, mechanical and water obstacles, sprinklers, pump stations and Drive Vison - a top modern ADAC drive safety centre. A comfortable operation via iPad is possible.

Switzerland: FURBO Baumanagement - TCS Derendingen 2012

Know How, planning reliability and design in industry standard applied on entire control engineering for irrigation and time measurement with two pump stations and drive vision for three tracks of TCS Derendingen.  


  • 2011


Germany: ADAC Drive Safety Centre Berlin-Brandenburg, Linthe

Adrenalin meets safety - according to this principle, the 25 hectares drive safety centre in Berlin-Brandenburg has decided the replacement of a dynamic plate through a Dorninger Hytronics premium kick plate.

Germany: ADAC Eventcentre Nordbayern, Schlüsselfeld

Training diversity is important in Schlüsselfeld. With a Dorninger Hytronics Kick Plate CAR SP, 15 Mechanical Obstacles and various water obstacles the new drive safety centre fulfils this commitment. Dorninger Hytronics is also responsible for all electric equipment.

Egypt: Training Centre of Excellence, Cairo

The multi-functional safety training facility sets the focus on the training of bus drivers who often cause accidents. Dorninger Hytronics provides the full product range: a Kick Plate CAR SP, 14 Mechanical Obstacles MH, Drive Vision DV, water obstacles and irrigation. (Planned center completion: End 2011)

Spain: CISvial, Oviedo

Dorninger Hytronics provided to the CISVial center in Oviedo a Kick Plate CAR SP, 6 Mechanical Obstacles MH plus Drive Vision DV as well as water obstacles and irrigation. The center opened Mid May 2011


  • 2010

Austria: Red Bull Ring, Spielberg

In the completely new infield of the Red Bull Ring, driver experience perfect driving enjoyment and optimum training conditions with Dorninger Hytronics Kick Plate CAR SP and an extensive track irrigation.

Austria: ÖAMTC Drive Safety Centre, Saalfelden

Dorninger Hytronics Kick Plate CAR SP completes the summer and winter driver trainings in Saalfelden perfectly.

Abu Dhabi: YAS Marina Formula 1 Circuit

First kick plate in the Arabian World on the dynamic area besides the Ferrari World at the YAS Marina Circuit.


  • 2009

Germany: ADAC Landshut-Ellermühle

Three Mechanical Obstacles MH and a one-line Drive Vision DV complete the challenging drive safety training in Landshut-Ellermühle. Without any additional infrastructural measure the Mechanical Obstacles were integrated in an existing track.

Schweiz: TCS Lignières und Emmen

The Touring Club Switzerland offers 2 phase trainings for newly licenced drivers. They have to complete a drive safety training within three years after getting the licence. The new training tracks in Ligniéres and Emmen with six Mechanical Obstacles MH and Drive Vision DV push the attractivness of the Test and Training Centres.

Austria: Driving school habual

Austrias most innovative Driving School trusts in Drive Safety Technology of Dorninger Hytronics. habual reopens in May 2009 with a Kick Plate CAR SP and Mechanical Obstacles MH on 2 newly designed training tracks. For more motivation and as an additional plus factor Drive Vision DV is used.

France: Circuit de Bresse

On four training tracks Dorninger Hytronics provides a Kick Plate CAR SP and 12 Mechanical Obstacles MH. Also the Dorninger Hytronics development Drive Vision DV - speed and lap time measurement is used. A video about the variety of training possiblities you find here.

Austria: ARBÖ Driving Centre Vienna-Kagran 

Directly in Vienna the Austrian Touring Club ARBÖ operates a modern and innovative Driving Centre. Dorninger Hytronics Kick Plate CAR SP is the highlight of all driver trainings. A video about the training offers you can open here.


  • 2008

Austria: ÖAMTC Driving Centre Saalfelden

On a circuit track two Dorninger Hytronics Mechanical Obstacles MH plus two one-line Drive Vision DV offer additional driver training possibilities. The german brochure (pdf) about trainings in Saalfelden/Brandlhof you can open here.

Austria: ÖAMTC Driving Centre Teesdorf

Dorninger Hytronics patented new product development on the first application area in Teesdorf. 34.000 failure free movements in the first year are self-explanatory.


  • 2007

England: Silverstone

Dorninger Hytronics Kick plate CAR SP gives the training track in Silverstone an additional kick.  

Russia: Autodrom Kupawna

On a Kick plate TRUCK SP drivers of government vehicles train the right reaction in dangerous situations.

Spain: RACC Driving Centre Madrid

Pioneer in the field of drive safety in Spain is the spanish touring club RACC. Dorninger Hytronics CAR SP is the first kick plate for driver trainings in Spain.

Austria: ÖAMTC Test & Training Centres

Dorninger Hytronics supervises 11 kick plates for the world´s leading supplier of car safety trainings – the Austrian Automobile club ÖAMTC.


  • 2006

England: Rockingham Motorspeedway

Since 2006 at the Rockingham Motorspeedway on a Kick Plate CAR SP the reaction of drivers on roads wet with rain, icy or oil-stained roads is simulated  and trained.