Integrated mechatronical drive solutions

Nowadays, highly complex motion operations are performed by ultra-modern electro-hydraulic systems which combine hydraulics, electronics, digital control technology and mechanics. Aside from greater functionality, the major advantage of the new technology is a reduction in the number of interfaces and thus a simplification of the system as a whole. 


Reliable electro-hydraulic solutions  

Knowledge and experience ultimately determine the success of a project. That is why we coordinate the entire process from hydraulics and electronics planning and switching cabinet production to functional testing and the smooth start-up of your system solution.


From planning to service - a customised complete-system

  • Design of system parameters
  • Dimensioning of electric and hydraulic components 
  • Simulation of control loops regarding stability and  und system performance
  • Construction of all circuit plans such as hydraulic plan and circuit diagram
  • Detailed engineering of control cabinet and hydraulic
  • Assembly of control cabinet and hydraulic unit
  • Functional and load test of complete system
  • Initial operation and instruction of operational staff
  • Maintenance and Service