Mobile Training Unit - Hydraulic Trainer

A quantum leap in practice-oriented hydraulic system training is provided by the mobile training unit. The Hydraulic Trainer impresses with its state-of-the-art technical equipment and enables a new form of clear and comfortable training. The spectrum ranges from basic lesson to expert training, such as the theory of closed-loop control or the frequency-controlled drive.

Most modern technology

  • Integrated energy-efficient and quiet servo pump drive with servo inverter and servo motor for the operating modes for constant delivery rate and pressure regulation or for cylinder positioning in closed-loop control

Perfect design

  • In the transparent, illuminated tank, an impressive presentation of the pump cavitation in the event of error is possible
  • Control cabinet is perfectly integrated in the tank design
  • Indirect underbody lighting

Unlimited mobility

  • Individual exercises are configured by ball valves - the absolutely leakage-oil-free design allows use in seminar rooms with carpeted floors
  • Transport rollers
  • All-round edge protection prevents damage to the unit and interior

Options / configuration / branding

  • Stroke measuring system and proportional valve for training with advanced control technology
  • Flow sensor and electronic load pressure measurement with digital display
  • Visualisation of all measured and target values on tablet, smartphone and PC
  • Individual branding by affixing your logo on and in the illuminated tank
  • Training documents / exercise examples for basic teaching up to expert training

Link to product video

Download Product Information Hydraulic Trainer - Basic Version
Download Product Information Hydraulic Trainer - Full Version