Test bench technology from your hydraulics expert

The development and production of highly stressed hydraulic components requires the most realistic possible load tests on test benches. To be able to carry out a standardised and controlled quality test, and to be able to access saved test data, Dorninger Hytronics manufactures highly specialised end-of-line and development test benches for hydraulic components.

Variable speed drives

On all of the test benches we incorporate the servo drive technology developed by us. This allows highly dynamic testing, and substantially reduces the considerable energy demand in the testing area. Furthermore with our technology, we reduce noise emissions by up to minus 80 percent, since only the exact test power needed is applied.

Single processor system

The special feature of our test benches is the combination of control and measurement technologies into one test system using a powerful automation PC. Test formula management, measurement data analysis and SPS test routines are controlled by one computer in our test benches, the interfaces between the systems are no longer needed, and a high availability can be ensured in case of faults, using remote monitoring.

The all-important know-how advantage

The decisive advantage for our customers comes from the fact that as a highly specialised hydraulics business, we have a know-how advantage where the products to be tested is concerned. Because of our high degree of professional experience we are able to understand the special requirements of our customers and therefore develop and build an optimal test bench for the specific application.