Perfect precision: control units

Pressure regulation within milliseconds, exact positioning to the nearest 1µm and rotation from standstill with a full starting torque: hydraulic systems only reach their full and unlimited potential with precise controls.



Unique systems for the most demanding applications


Together, we can develop the best solution for your purposes in our own manifold production. We focus in particular on user-friendliness, compact design, clearly arranged outlets and noise reduction. Energy efficiency and reliable operation are attained through the intelligent use of high-quality components.


Draw an years of experience

A defining features of Dorninger Hytronics control units is the individual arrangement of valves and connections to suit the space available. Using state-of-the-art hydraulic sub plate and cartridge valves and electro-hydraulic proportional and closed loop valves allows us to meet all function, quality and flexibility requirements.

We employ experienced control unit engineers and specially trained unit installation experts and carry out individual tests on our fully automatic control unit test bench to ensure optimal zero defect operation and precise settings for each control unit.