Energy-efficient electro-hydraulics

Minimal energy use at peak performance - accordinig to this principle our technicians have developed a revolutionary, highly dynamic drive package.

Variable speed drive - the Dorninger Hytronics energy-efficient solution

The Hybrid Drive Control (DVA) is a DHPH internal gear pump which is driven by a servo inverter and which, depending on the field of application, can be powered by either a synchronous servo motor or an asynchronous motor.

Unlike conventional hydraulic variable displacement pump drives with asynchronous motors, the DVA can be switched off entirely even during very short production-related pauses or periods of stillstand.

Studies comparing the DVA to conventional drive concepts at the same initial costs found life cycle costs for the DVA were significantly lower. Go with us in an energy-efficient future! 


Impressive cost-benefit ratio

  • Energy savings of up to 70 percent with machines with process-related pauses in the cycle
  • Noise reduction during working motion of up to 10 dB, and of up to 80 dB during pauses
  • Inefficient downstream proportional valves are not required thanks to the extremely high dynamics
  • Up to 60 percent reduction in the overall size thanks to the DHPH internal gear pump, precise pressure control, greater volumetric efficiency
  • Extra information about the actual volume or flow rate thanks to sensor information on the motor and downstream volumetric efficiency characteristic curves
  • Hydraulic control unit cooler not necessary, significant reduction in component wear and spare part costs