PowerAnalyzer - Power and energy meter

The PowerAnalyzer measures all electrical energy and performance data precisely - with a sampling rate up to 2 kHz - in control cabinets and electrical power components in 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase systems.

Maximum measuring accuracy & exact data analysis

RMS values of currents and voltages are measured with the corresponding phase angles, as well as the active, reactive and apparent powers of the 3 phases individually and in total. In addition, the electrical energy consumption can be captured detailed in all aspects. The PowerAnalyzer delivers high-precision frequency measurement data and is an instrument for a comprehensive recording of consumption over an adjustable period of time.

Outstanding measurement tool with new standard for the sampling rate

  • Measuring ranges: Voltage up to 655 VAC, current up to 100 or 1000A (max. 1A secondary), frequency 45... 65 Hz, sampling rate (voltage & current) up to 2 kHz

  • Data can be acquired via USB interface, export to a csv file for easy processing in spreadsheet programs

  • Immediate analysis of performance data using charts on the integrated touch panel

  • Basic mode for immediate measurement start and output of standard metrics, in expert mode up to 12 data measurements can be selected and additional settings (measuring time, current probe measurement ratio,...) are possible

  • For easy transport and protection, the unit is screwed into an extremely rugged explorer case

Our new Flyer and the Manual for the Power Analyzer now ready in our download section!