Standard cylinders - basis of success


The basis of our hydraulic cylinder range are the various standard series according to ISO, within which we differentiate with respect to life span and application between welded and threaded versions.

The parts not specifically related to stroke length are very standard components, which are batch manufactured and kept in stock. This allows us to offer you a wide spectrum of standard cylinders with very short leadtimes.

Depending on requirements, various sealing systems are available, which always present a compromise between freedom of movement and sealing function, and are to be matched to the application and operating medium. In all cases, we only use seals from well known manufacturers.

According to the type code, you can choose from our modular system, in terms of the different attachment types, position and thread of the hydraulic connections, end position damping, attachment of position sensors, and piston rod style.

Step by step to the highest power

Naturally, for cost reasons, we would recommend using a standard cylinder in the case of an easy and straightforward installation. In many cases though, often due to the requirement to integrate into existing equipment or for control system integration, it will be necessary to create a customer-specific cylinder derived from the standard cylinder.

Here, we proceed step by step using an exact milestone concept. A careful computer-assisted common parts concept, e.g. the same assembly clearances for seals, allows the process to remain cost-efficient, yet meet your requirements.