Vbox - valve testing device

With our newly developed Vbox we provide an easy to handle tool for the commissioning and testing of proportional valves and continously adjustable valves. In the course of development, we placed particular emphasis on simple operability and comprehensive protective circuits. Onboard-electronics and central connector allow a comfortable use.

Maximum functionality & guaranteed ease of use

With the Vbox, the checking of the electrical interface to the proportional valve (power supply and electrical target value signal from the controller) is easily possible. The proportional valve can be taken into operation by the integrated target value specification and a power adapter for the power supply completely autonomously by the hydraulic engineer - without control engineer. Vbox guarantees user-friendliness with its clear and simple design, colour-coded
operating concept and the extensive protective circuit for the control electronics on the proportional

Easy handling for service technicians

  • 24 VDC via separate plug-in power supply or system power supply
  • Supply voltage control (polarity reversal and voltage level)
  • 4..20mA, 0..10V, +/-10V target value specification (optional clearance signal on Pin C)
  • Taret value specification via potentiometer or connected control
  • Convenient digital display of target value and actual value
  • Built-in protective circuits prevent the destruction of the valve electronics in case of faulty connection


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